We love to play live music!  From ancient sea shantys to classic jazz standards that everyone sings along to, there is so much great music that does not get played on the radio, television, or even in films.  We want to play it for you!

About us


Rhy has a long musical history.  He started his music career in many acclaimed youth orchestras playing viola.  He then got into Jimi Hendrix and the Doors, learned guitar, and started playing in bars long before it was legal for him to be there.  Rhy then self-produced his first album playing every part himself in a studio he had cobbled together from scrap, all before the age of 20, and while supporting himself at dead-end jobs.  He's been the drummer for "The Funky Uncles", Guitarist for "The Communizt V", Cellist for "The Hooliganz", Lead singer for "The Clydzdale Jockeyz", was on the Vans Warped Tour 2008 as Fiddler for "The Bleeding Irish", was lead singer for "The Green Jacket", has recorded many,  many albums, and also toured nationally for 10 years in "The LeperKhanz".



Jackie is a classically trained pianist with a love for rock and roll.  She received her Associate of Arts in Music in 2007.  Her experience ranges from playing piano at elegant events, to Sunday church service, to shredding the keyboard in a rock band.  Because of her Celtic roots, she has spent time in Ireland and Scotland scouring pubs for authentic traditional Celtic music.  This motivated her to try her hand at accordion.  She utilizes the accordion like a ska horn line in one song, and then switches to a traditional reel in another.  Her style in the Europa is heavily influenced by keyboard greats like Scott Joplin, Claude Debussy, and Fats Waller.  Jackie also enjoys singing, composing, and teaching.